Monthly Plans

  • All services and payments are encrypted using 256-bit SSL cryptography
  • Automatic monthly payments with a credit card or PayPal
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime
$ 0
$ 7
per month
$ 19
per month
$ 39
per month
Conversions and Transformations (data volume)
File format conversions and coordinate systems transformation
(Total volume of data converted / month)
5 MB 200 MB 2 GB 20 GB
Conversions and Transformations (number of conversions)
File format conversions and coordinate systems transformation
(Total number of datasets converted / month)
3 30 500 10 000
Uploading and Storage at Drive
Storage of your datasets for your later use, sharing or publishing
(Total disk storage size)
100 MB 1 GB 10 GB 50 GB
Map Viewer
View selected dataset in a map
(Maximum dataset size to display in a map at once)
50 MB 200 MB 500 MB 1 GB
Sharing and Publishing
Share your data with specific users or publish them for anybody
Application Programming Interface (API)
Technical support
We'll respond within 24 hours, 7 days a week
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Two months free if you buy an annual plan:  

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Additional Packages

  • Additional packages to your current plan (available for any plan)
  • Scale MyGeodata services as you need
Add 10 GB of storage space at MyGeodata Drive
Increase your data storage size at MyGeodata Drive for any of your current plan. You can apply this package multiple times to increase the disk space as you need. This payment is recurring every month automatically.
5 Buy
(per month)
Increase volume of data converted by 1 GB + number of conversions by 100
You can apply this package if you exceed a limit for conversion and transformation service (according to your plan). This is a one-time payment (not recurring).
10 Buy

Plans Description

Free Registration

Registered users have some space for storing datasets at Drive. They can share datasets with selected users or publish data globally - for everyone. Datasets that user has published globally are not counted to an occupied disk space. Conversions and transformations are limited by total amount of data converted per month.

Basic, Standard and Premium Plans

These plans are charged according to the amount of available storage space for the user's data and according to the amount of total data converted per month. Standard and Premium plans also includes technical support to solve problems and to answer questions. Premium plan is suitable mainly as a company solution for storing and sharing geospatial data and also for organisations publishing geospatial data on a web.