MyGeodata Cloud

...a place where your GIS data lives!

Download shared GIS data or upload your own GIS data, convert them on-line to various GIS/CAD formats and coordinate systems, show your GIS data on a map, share or publish your data, and much more...

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GIS Data Warehouse

Browse GIS/CAD data shared by other users, upload your own data, manage them, convert or show in a map. Data can be filtered and sorted by various parameters - like distance from your geolocation, best rating, geometry type and others...

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Convert or Transform GIS Data

Free on-line GIS/CAD data conversion and transformation tool. Allows to convert uploaded data to various GIS/CAD formats using any coordinate reference system. Bulk conversion is available...

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Show your Data on On-line Map

Display your GIS/CAD data quickly and freely on an on-line map viewer. You can store your data for further use, share them with other user or search and display data from other users that were shared with you or globaly...

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